Tax Planning Advice

Nobody enjoys paying extra taxes. So how to optimize your tax liability?

MyFP works with licensed Tax Advisers in helping clients optimise their tax situation by looking at strategies to legally deduct, defer, divide to reduce your taxes.

Our licensed tax advisers will evaluate your tax situation to :-

1) Ensure compliance with the ever complex tax regulations

  • Which of your income is taxable?
  • What are the Deductibles that you can claim to legally reduce your tax payable?
  • Tax reporting across multi-jurisdiction.

2) Be better prepared for tax audit which everyone should expect.

3) Consider pre-migration tax planning to avoid being shocked by the huge tax bill in developed countries.

  • Certain income types which are not taxable in Malaysia could be taxed overseas, esp. capital gain & inheritance.
  • Will it cover your assets in Malaysia?
  • Should you continue to hold Malaysian assets and under which tax structure?