Our Services

At MyFP we consult and work with clients in 3 basic ways but all services are based on a very affordable fixed fee depending on the time needed and complexity. We are globally oriented in our approach with clients and work to ensure we are not too home biased when helping our clients.

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Here is where we look at a client’s holistic personal financial situation and provide holistic solutions to the client’s needs and to achieve their goals.

Modular Planning

A focus on specific client’s needs like will writing or investment planning and tracking or setting up of a trust or even advising and drafting on business buy-sell or exit agreements.

Transactional Services

This is basically product purchase/sale transaction for products where clients take advantage of MyFP’s extensive stable of investment and insurance products which have zero upfront sales commission thereby gaining substantial savings. MyFP charges a fee for transactions and takes no sales or any commission because we are a fee-only financial planning firm.

Our preferred client engagement is the Comprehensive Planning approach where we advise and consult with clients in all their personal financial sectors which are inter-related and inter-dependent of each other. Comprehensive planning takes consideration of all factors that will impact on the ability of the client to achieve his goals and life plans.