Putting it all together

Comprehensive Financial Planning - the right way to make financial decisons!

We mostly work from a premise of scarce resources, but we need to stretch our revenues and assets throughout our expected live span for a multitude of competing goals and needs and even decide on needs of our children after we pass on. Because all these needs are connected, it’s much more efficient to consolidate all these financial aspects into a single comprehensive strategy to meet all your goals: These areas include:-

  • cash / debt management
  • insurance
  • investment
  • taxes
  • children education planning
  • retirement planning
  • estate planning

At MyFP Sdn Bhd, (the company behind the MyHourly Advisers program), we have been helping clients since 2002 in holistic financial planning on a fee-only basis to ensure independent advice for our clients always. Our advice and services include:-

1) Providing a platform for individuals, husband & wife to consider what they want to achieve in life, be it for short term, medium term and also long term goals up the end of life.

2) Calculating the cost for each of their financial goals, prioritising them while taking long term inflation into consideration.

3) Projecting clients’ annual cash flow from now into retirement and end of life.

  • Outflow from living expenses, inflation, financial goals & commitment,
  • Inflow from existing wealth & future income.

4) Implementing ways to help clients improve their existing financial situation, including

  • Creating an expense, savings and investment budget
  • Reviewing the performance and risk profile of their investment and growth of the personal financial balance sheet.
  • Reviewing insurance policies to know whether they are over / under-insured.
  • Finding available global solutions for clients to achieve his goals.

5) Conducting financial reviews for clients periodically to determine their status against their stated financial and life goals

  • Whenever there are major changes that could affect clients financially such as the arrival of new children.
  • Change in long term financial goals
  • Major changes in the financial eco system the client is in etc
  • Material changes in the assumptions of their financial plan and strategies to necessitate making major changes to take evasive action.