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10. 如何设立个人财务目标?


9. How to set my financial goals?

One of the most important thing in financial planning is setting of goals. The goals set must be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and with Timeline (SMART). So how can you be SMART with your financial goals? Listen to the sharing of our licensed financial planners.

8. Failing to Plan, Planning to Fail!

What is a financial plan? Why getting a financial plan done is important? We always talk about financial products and think that is a financial plan. The question is have you seriously asked yourself, can you fulfil your financial goals with the insurance you bought, the money you invested, the Will you have written, all the taxes you have paid....etc. What are your financial goals? Listen to the sharing from our licensed financial planners!

7. 投资路该往哪走?



6. I have no money, how to invest?

This is the 3rd and final series of the investment. Do you really have no money to invest? You have money to buy a house. You have money to buy a new car, which is a depreciating asset. You have money to buy the latest smartphone! Yet, you really have no money to properly strategize a long term investment plan, to preserve your wealth?

5. Listen to "Gurus" ?

The 2nd investment series of 3. There are many proclaimed investment gurus in the market. Have you ever asked yourself, if these gurus are so good, they should be busy making money from their investments, why do they need to collect small fees by selling courses from the general public?

4. 30% p.a. Return! For Real?

This is 1st investment series of 3. Before we talk about investment returns, asset allocations or even the investment products, it is most crucial to educate people not to fall into Ponzi schemes and scams!

3. PERKESO/SOCSO, the long forgotten insurance.

If you have been paying PERKESO/SOCSO, do you know what are the benefits from PERKESO/SOCSO can provide you? Never bother? Time to listen to our licensed planners!

2. What Insurance Agents Tend to Say?

Insurance is a very good financial tool yet there is a lot of misunderstanding and even misrepresentation. Beware of what you are buying!

1. Managing Cash Flow & Debts

The importance of having a healthy cash flow and not to unnecessarily borrow without knowing what you are getting yourself into.