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19. Estate Planning. For you only?

From a financial planning standpoint, we plan for clients "from cradle to grave"! So, as the last component in financial planning, "Estate Planning", what does it really involve? how important it is? exactly what needs to be done? Do you just need a Will? Could a Trust or even a Foundation is more appropriate to take care of your loved ones when you passed on? Listen to our licensed financial planners and watch this live chat.

18. Financial Whizz Kids

After involved in financial planning for nearly 20 years, it struck us that good habits must start from the ripe old age of 7! We therefore decided to work with Sammy Rabbit on this financial literacy programme for children. It starts off by talking about the children's dream then leads on to teacing the children the importance of setting goals, have a written plan, how to save, needs to earn and not take things for granted, spend smart and ending with give wisely. Come and listen and contact us if you too want to inculcate the good habits into your children.

17. Insurance Without an Agent!

A lot of people are very worried to buy insurance products directly online. Worry about not being service, worry about no one to handle claims, worry about .......etc. How many of us after buying the insurance for more than 10 years, we still have the insurance agent to continue servicing us? The agent could have changed insurance company, changed profession, immigrated, ... etc. How would this be different from us buying online ourselves? Both ways are without insurance agents! Come and listen and judge for yourself!

16. 无代理员的保险

在过往的经验中,我们只可以通过代理员购买保险。但随着网际网路所带来的便利,我们除了可以在网上更新汽车保险外,还可以购买人寿险、意外险、疾病险、医药保障等保险产品。同一样的保障,不同的是少了代理员为我们处理文件上的程序。正因为如此,我们要缴交的保费也相对的低。这次我们邀请了来自Fi-Life创始人,Malek Ali 先生和我们畅谈关于网上保险一二。

15. How do taxes impact your financial planning?

Many people think that they can be creative and outsmart the system to pay as little tax as possible or better still, no need to pay tax! Do you know that with technology these days, if your tax is due, you will have to pay, either during your lifetime or it will affect your heirs when they inherit your wealth! The key is not to run away from paying tax but to plan properly, plan long term as part of your financial planning. Come and listen to our invited guests who specialise in tax planning and consultation!

14. How women should take control in their finances!

For 2021, the theme for International Women's Day is "Women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world". From a financial planning standpoint, come and hear what our planners have to share for Women in leadership: How women should take control in their finance! Take charge! Take control! Don't be sidelined. Special dedication to all women of all ages!

13. 女人该主导财务吗?


12. Mega Shopping During Festival?

Well, Hari Raya is round the corner. Are you the type who would do big mega shopping when comes to festival? Do you plan and budget for your shopping or you buy by impulse? What should you do to make sure that you do not "hurt" your cash flow? Listen to our planners sharing then.

11. 佳节购物


10. How to set my financial goals?

One of the most important thing in financial planning is setting of goals. The goals set must be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and with Timeline (SMART). So how can you be SMART with your financial goals? Listen to the sharing of our licensed financial planners.

9. 如何设立个人财务目标?


8. Failing to Plan, Planning to Fail!

What is a financial plan? Why getting a financial plan done is important? We always talk about financial products and think that is a financial plan. The question is have you seriously asked yourself, can you fulfil your financial goals with the insurance you bought, the money you invested, the Will you have written, all the taxes you have paid....etc. What are your financial goals? Listen to the sharing from our licensed financial planners!

7. 投资路该往哪走?



6. I have no money, how to invest?

This is the 3rd and final series of the investment. Do you really have no money to invest? You have money to buy a house. You have money to buy a new car, which is a depreciating asset. You have money to buy the latest smartphone! Yet, you really have no money to properly strategize a long term investment plan, to preserve your wealth?

5. Listen to "Gurus" ?

The 2nd investment series of 3. There are many proclaimed investment gurus in the market. Have you ever asked yourself, if these gurus are so good, they should be busy making money from their investments, why do they need to collect small fees by selling courses from the general public?

4. 30% p.a. Return! For Real?

This is 1st investment series of 3. Before we talk about investment returns, asset allocations or even the investment products, it is most crucial to educate people not to fall into Ponzi schemes and scams!

3. PERKESO/SOCSO, the long forgotten insurance.

If you have been paying PERKESO/SOCSO, do you know what are the benefits from PERKESO/SOCSO can provide you? Never bother? Time to listen to our licensed planners!

2. What Insurance Agents Tend to Say?

Insurance is a very good financial tool yet there is a lot of misunderstanding and even misrepresentation. Beware of what you are buying!

1. Managing Cash Flow & Debts

The importance of having a healthy cash flow and not to unnecessarily borrow without knowing what you are getting yourself into.