Money Sense Talks

By MyFP Consultans

We at MyFP, through our specially developed MyFP MoneySense Talks, have helped staff of many companies appreciate and understand their personal financial position and be better equipped to deal with and make wise financial decisions that affect their personal financial well being. These staff will be more aware and confident of their financial situation, receive good tips on the steps that need to be taken in their financial lives and as a result be more productive and effective in their companies.

MyFP MoneySense Talks are also a useful event for non-profit organisations and societies who wish to improve the financial skills and knowledge of the target groups they serve. The talks can cater for those who have a limited knowledge of finance and also re-designed to meet the needs of those who are more sophisticated and savvy with the world of personal finance.

Talk about Will writing and other financial matter to staff of a global financial bank in their Kuala Lumpur, Head Office.

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2 hour talk to staff/managers of a listed consumer foods MNC.

We would like to offer these MyFP MoneySense Talks as a Staff Benefit Programme to your company or group at a date and time convenient to you. These talks should preferably be held in your premises in order to save time and money. We only charge a token fee per talk irrespective of the number of attendees and each talk takes about 2 hours. For your reference we have given these talks to various companies including Intel, HapSeng, BASF, IDG Group, HSBC, Shell, IBM, UBS and various other social groups, churches and non-profit organisations. For non-profit associations and organisations, we may consider waiving the token fee.

Staff productivity and effectiveness is crucial to sustaining the competitiveness of any company. Besides the necessity of health, staff need to be at peace and comfortable with their financial situation to be productive and effective in driving and supporting your company’s goals and plans in the current competitive environment.

Short talk for staff of a listed Malaysian firm

MyFP is a financial planning company licensed by the Securities Commission of Malaysia. We practice as independent personal fee-only advisors to individuals and families and do not push any products in our talks. We deliver and charge fees for comprehensive personal financial advice for clients who engage our services. Our hope in these talks is that while your staff/members are made aware of their own personal finance and circumstances, there are those who may need professional help in specific personal advice in certain areas and wish to engage our services.

For companies, this talk is a very low cost staff benefit programme for your staff and we would recommend that it be targeted towards middle to senior level staff. We would also recommend that the attendance be limited to not more than 50 in each session for good impact.

If you wish to have us to give these talks to your staff, members or management, do contact/whatsapp us at +6017-616 7576 , +603-80716881 or [email protected] and we would be happy to provide you with further details and schedule these talks with you.

Financial planning talk to a MNC chemical company

Educating staff of a MNC of a fast moving consumer group in PJ.

Oct 2018 Financial Planning talk to staff of a large pharmeceutical MNC in Petaling Jaya.

Talks to the staff of a global banks call centre staff.

Talk on preparing for retirement to managers of a global bank.

Financial planning practice talk to a local accounting group in KL.

Talk with trainees of a Securities Commision program.

Financial planning talk to staff of a large oil and gas company!