Comprehensive Advice

In this approach, we help clients to achieve their financial and life goals and will look at their overall financial situation covering all financial areas including:-

  • Cash Flow management and Budgeting
  • Debt management
  • Investments
  • Insurance
  • Tax
  • Wills and Trust
  • Liabilities
  • Wealth structures.

When working with MyFP consultants, you will experience our well structured MyFP financial planning process and wisdom to provide you with personal and customised financial advice. The MyFP process is in-depth and ongoing and provides solutions at every stage of your life. The process is comprehensive and involves stages of information gathering, analysis and recommendations so that you have an individualized plan for you and your family.

We identify your financial goals and objectives

Before making recommendations, your MyFP consultant will work with you to gain in-depth knowledge of your unique personal profile, goals and financial situation. At this step we will be able to determine the areas you need help on and may include needs on banking, wills and trusts, investment, insurance, liability planning and retirement and other goals that you may have and so that we can develop an integrated financial solution and strategy for you.

We analyse your wealth protection needs.

Before you decide to grow your wealth, there is the immediate need to ensure that all your wealth and your wealth earning potential is protected. We will review all the different insurance (life and non-life) policies you may have purchased and evaluate their appropriateness and sufficiency to protect your financial situation in order that your goals can be achieved.

We determine your investment risk appetite and profile.

Understanding your goals and objectives helps us determine your personal investment profile and investment asset allocation needs. This information will also guide us to build a specific investment portfolio for you which takes into consideration the investment strategy, asset and style mix, diversification plan, rate of return and how much time you have to meet your financial goals.

We explain our recommendations clearly and help you take action effectively.

We take time to clearly explain all our recommendations and investment product options and ensure that they are in keeping with your customised financial plan. We also strive to make implementing your plan convenient and hassle free.

We review your plan and implementation regularly

We hold formal scheduled reviews with you periodically and provide you with up to date statements of your financial situation and investments. When required we will answer your ad hoc queries to help you understand and be assured of your plan and our recommended solutions. We also keep you informed through periodic educational materials, cocial media postings on our Facebook pages and website and regular contact throughout the year.