Fee-Only Advisory

MyFP is the 1st fee-only licensed personal financial advisory & services advisor in Malaysians !

Get professional, independent and affordable hourly financial advice from financial advisers in MyFP !

You can get this consultation ONLINE!

Services provided by MyFP on an hourly fee only way involves all financial matters and decisions that confront individuals and their family's financial life. This can involve separately issues relating to cash management, insurance protection, how to grow you wealth, income tax, getting your will or estate plan structured, education financing for your kids education, ensuring you have enough for your retirement years and lifestyle.

Most importantly how to look at all these issues in a comprehensive and integrated manner with the help of a financial adviser who places your interests first and is 100 % fee only and take no commissions of compensation from anyone else except the client.

MyFP's hourly advice or annual subscripton process will guide client toward a structured and thought out process based on information provided by the client in the specific area of need, which is both cost effective and can be self implemented by the client directly.

If the client needs help in selecting and implementing products/solutions, MyFP will charge a fee for this service and assist clients to select and source appropriate financial local/global products which are essentially commission free or lower sales commissions to benefit clients. MyFP as a strict policy does not take or accept any commissions/compensation directly or otherwise from any product providers. Our sole revenue is the fee paid by the client in order to maintain our advisory independence.

Clients can also sample MyFP independent advisory expertise on a affordable scale before engaging us on a comprehensive basis. MyFP’s comprehensive plan identifies what clients want to achieve in life, determine the priority and analyze how much each life goals will costs, evaluate whether client has enough financial resources; recommend & implement strategies to optimize clients’ financial resources plus monitor & review along the way to achieve those life goals over the long term.


Our hourly advice is in the form of an annual subscription.

Our annual subscripton advice and services is RM1,000 per year and can involve various financial topics!