What MyFP will do for you.

MyFP helps you choose from thousands of investment options and build a personalized mix of various funds into a portfolio that will meet your investment return needs while optimizing on the risk you need to take. Every portfolio is specially designed by MyFP to achieve a particular goal and risk profile of our client. Once we know your financial objectives and risk tolerance we will help to build the portfolio that is best for you and which has a high probability to achieve your goals.

The MyFP Investment Planning Programme includes:

  • Construct a written investment strategy based on your investment objectives, risk tolerance, commitment to invest and time horizon to meet your objective.
  • Build a customised investment portfolio of various local and global investments to meet your investment plan.
  • Reduce your product investment costs to the lowest possible.
  • Help you to implement your investment plan including completing investment purchases, sales, transfers, switches etc to build your portfolio.
  • Provide you with up to date reports on how your investments performs.
  • Conduct face to face reviews of your investments periodically to re-align them to your investment plan and ensure it takes a constant course towards achieving your objectives.