MyFP Core Pillars

MyFP provides clients with many unique financial planning, advisory and service value propositions.


Holistic financial planning advice and services covering all the inter-related aspects of a client’s financial life. Our world class systems offers a one view of all your worldwide investments and wealth at regular intervals.

Our internationally acclaimed financial planning software provides you with a full cash flow projection of your current financial status and your ability to achieve all your life goals.


Unbiased financial planning advice always geared towards the client’s interest first. Our fee only model also ensures that client’s pay us directly for our services and our loyalty is therefore towards them. Product solutions free of upfront sales and other costly distribution commissions leads to massive savings when implementing financial plan solutions and the removal of conflict of interest situations.


All solutions under one roof for easy access to multiple financial solutions. Thousands of investments, insurance and other product solutions are available from around the world but all dependent on you and family's specific goals. Our latest tools and financial planning software provides a consolidated and regularly updated view of all your investments (local and offshore) and the on going status and changes in your wealth situation.