Sandwich generation

Between taking care of parents, children & ourselves

For many families, we hope to set good role models for our children by taking care of our aging parents. The Sandwich Generation describes this challenging time and where careful financial planning is needed to navigate successfully through this period.

The "sandwich generation" is a time where:-

  • You’re super busy, at the peak of your career & earning power.
  • Parenting teenagers becomes a challenge at home.
  • There’s a reversal of roles whereby your parents who helped you in the past, are becoming more dependent on you.
  • Retirement is drawing near yet mortgage repayment seems a long way to go.

Apart from planning for children’s tertiary education, you also need to plan how to take care of parents going forward

  • Will your siblings chip in for parents’ medical bills?
  • Should you upgrade to an elderly friendly house for your parents to stay with you?
  • Or is a retirement home the solution and are they affordable?
  • What if you, the sandwich generation passes away before retiring? Who would take care of the growing children & elderly parents?